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Upholstery Cleaning, DIY Of Sofa Cleaners?
23Dec 2014
Upholstery Cleaning, DIY Of Sofa Cleaners? When considering the implications of cleaning a sofa or armchair, you may well be wondering which is the best way. Even more likely is the idea that you may well be considering the cheapest way to do the work, which is the thought that will take over most people’s minds when they are looking in to something that may require professional help. Depending on your situation, there are often ways to go that allow you to do the work yourself, rather than worrying too much about cost. However, it can be a double edged sword, in that there are sometimes mistakes that can be made that come of trying to clean upholstery without sofa cleaners, which will leave the furniture looking worse than it did before! Knowing a little about the process can help you to form a decision early on, so have a look over the following ideas on sofa cleaning to get a better understanding of it all. For a start, sofa cleaning needs to use as little water as possible. This may sound problematic already as most cleaning is water based. However, with upholstery, you need to avoid soaking the padding of the furniture too much, as this can leave things sodden and result in damp and mold. A moldy sofa will smell bad, and can even fall apart if it is left to get really bad, so be careful! You need to use an upholstery cleaning spray or clothes soap, which can be applied in sparing amounts with a damp cloth and scrubbed in to the affected area. This will result in the dirt being lifted form the surface, and the cloth covering hopefully looking its best afterwards. You may be realizing that DIY upholstery cleaning is realistically for small jobs where the dirt is not too deeply engrained in the fabric, and can be lifted off without too much water or force. You should be aware of the kinds of implements that you use to scrub the dirt out as well, as too rough a sponge or cloth and you may well start fraying the covering material. If the covering is removable, then it will usually be machine washable, and that will make your life a lot easier. Have a look for zips or labels that will signify that you can do so. If your sofa covering is not removable, and you do not see any washing advice of labels as to the care of the item, then you need to proceed with caution. It may be best to get the professional cleaners in to at least have a look at it, as going at a sofa that has a silk upholstery on it with some soap and a cloth may well lead to a mess! Some techniques like dry cleaning or steam cleaning that professionals use can be extremely effective on more delicate items, and this is exactly the kind of service that you need if you want to keep your sofa intact. Be sure that whatever you do, you check for information on the best ways to clean the material that is used in the upholstery before doing anything. If the material feels like plain cotton or polyester blends, then you should try damp cloth and see what happens with some light cleaning. If it seems to be a nicer material like silk or delicate wool, then have a professional come and have a look at it, after all the call out for cleaning companies will always be less than a new sofa!

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