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How Sustainable Is Your Domestic Cleaning Process?
17Apr 2014
How Sustainable Is Your Domestic Cleaning Process?When you think about it, there is a huge amount of money that goes in to cleaning the house. You will no doubt prefer not to think about such things, as they are as depressing as they are dull, but in the end, this is cash that you could be saving. There is also the factor of the environment to consider, and with saving money can come ways of preventing your contribution to the end of the world being too great! One of the worst things about the cleaning industry is that it relies on waste for much of its profit. Dirt is something people want to be rid of quickly and easily, which means that no one wants to be worrying about how they are doing the jobs that they do. This leads to a mentality by which no one worries what happens to the various things that they throw away during the process of cleaning. For a start, you should perhaps think about the things that you use to clean. Are they the most economically efficient things that you can get the job done with, and how do they affect the planet? Many people use disposable sponges and paper towels in their cleaning process, so have a think about how they affect both your wallet and the environment. The repeat buying of these items will not seem like a lot each time, but the cost will rack up. Every time you buy a new disposable sponge or J-cloth, it means that you have thrown away an old one, and this is obviously an issue that affects the environment. The plastics used in making these products are dangerous for the ozone layer in that their production belches out toxic fumes, and of course they almost always end up on the landfill site, when was the last time you recycled a sponge? So, in order to protect your money and your planet, why not get a scrubbing brush made from wood and other sustainable materials, that will last you a year or so, and only cost you a couple of pounds more than a months worth of sponges? It makes perfect sense, and the same thinking can be applied to the way in which you purchase other things like mops, buckets, dustpans, brushes and all sorts of cleaning apparatus. Why not get a cotton flannel rather than a disposable cloth, and just whack it in the washing machine when it is dirty, rather than buying a new one? Seems pretty obvious when you think about it really.There are other ways in which you can think about how you buy and sustain your cleaning practices. You can think about the most economically as well as ecologically sound ways to clean in terms of the cleaning products that you use. There are huge amounts of dangerous chemicals in many cleaning products, which you should certainly try and get rid of if you want to feel at one with the planet. Why not try using baking soda, lemon and vinegar to make different kinds of cleaning products for around the home? Bulk buying these three things has got to be cheaper than getting big name branded cleaning products that contain masses of harsh chemicals, so why not give it a shot? It’s how things used to be done, so it should certainly work for you in your home!

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