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Deep Cleaning Your Oven
29Jul 2014
Deep Cleaning Your OvenWhen it comes to cleaning the kitchen, nothing compares to having to clean the oven. It is a very good idea to have a set way of doing it, and to do it as often as possible, to ensure that you are not having to break your back scrubbing for hours on end when you do come to do it eventually! If you have a set technique and clean the oven often enough to prevent too much dirt building up, then you will be well set to ensure that you are getting the best form your oven at all times. Build up of grease and grime in the oven can lead to funny smells, smoke and a general lessening of functionality in your oven. This can be dangerous for the food that you cook in it, so be sure to do all that you can to get it cleaned properly. You will need some strong oven cleaner, some gloves, a stiff brush, a scraper of some kind and perhaps some wire wool. If your eyes are likely to get sensitive in the cleaner fumes, it is a good idea to wear goggles or safety glasses, to ensure that you can still see what you are doing! Begin by removing the racks from the oven, as this will allow you to get into the oven properly. You will find that it helps to soak the racks in the oven cleaner for a while, so put them in the sink, and chuck some cleaner over them, so that they are submerged. Don’t waste too much oven cleaner on this however, how’re going to need all the help that you can get! Take your scraper and have a look inside the oven. There is no point in applying oven cleaner to the hard build up of grease that has baked dry over time. Breaking these deposits down will ensure that you are able to get to the actual metal of the interior of the oven, which will mean that you can do some actual cleaning! Use the scraper and a skewer if necessary to scrape the hardened grease away from the metal, and you will probably find that it comes away with a little effort. Puncturing it with the skewer will mean less side to side effort, and it should break it down quite easily as well.You should now don your gloves and cover the inside of the oven with the oven cleaner. You will find that the resulting foam should stay in place, but be absolutely certain that every nook and cranny is covered before you move on. Having covered it all, shut the door, and turn your attention back to the trays. By now, the racks and trays form the oven should have been soaking for a while, and they might even be ready to wipe down and rinse off. Try cleaning them with a rough sponge or some wire wool, and see how well it comes away. You will likely find that it comes away easily, and that you can basically rinse them down and have gleaming racks immediately. Having left the oven for half an hour to an hour, it is time to get your scrub on. Hack away at the dirt with your stiff brush until you feel no more resistance form the dirt. Once it seems to be clear, run round it with your sponge or wire wool to check, before rinsing the oven out and getting rid of all of the foam.

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