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Cleaning The Furniture In Your House
05Nov 2014
Cleaning The Furniture In Your HouseDay in and day out, someone or the other in your house is using your furniture. Maybe you like to sit on your couch while you are watching the telly, or your kids like to jump on it when your away. Your dog probably has a favourite chair in the house, as do you. Given the intimate relationship that you and your family shares with your furniture items, they are bound to get dirty and wear out if not taken proper care of. However a bit of tender loving care would do them good and make them last longer. So plan a house cleaning schedule whereby you dedicate some time every week to regularly clean the furniture in each room.  Cleaning furniture depends greatly on what kind of material it is made of, so here is a list of how to take care of different fabrics. Most of the cleaning agents listed below can be made from domestic cleaning supplies, or you can find commercial substitutes in the market. If neither option works for you, you should consider having a professional cleaning company come in and deep clean your furniture at least once a year.Cleaning woodA wipe down with a microfiber cloth should usually do the trick for wood furniture. If it still looks dull, mix a few drops of olive oil in apple cider vinegar/white vinegar, dip a clean rag in it and rub it gently on the wood. If the solution leaves an oily film behind, make sure you buff it out with a clean piece of cloth. The corners and edges accumulate a lot of dirt which is difficult to get rid of so use Q-tips in these areas.Cleaning upholsteryRegular maintenance of upholstered furniture will require regular and thorough vacuuming using a brush attachment. If you have stains on the fabric or the fabric appears dull, you might want to go for an intensive routine. Mix some dishwashing liquid in warm water and beat it until it forms stiff foams. Dip a sponge in this solution and rub it over your upholstery gently. Wipe away the suds with a clean, dry rag. Let the upholstery dry before you use it again.Cleaning leatherUsually you would only need to brush or vacuum away the dust and dirt that builds up on your leather furniture. If you do happen to get a spot that becomes very hard to clean, use a lathered solution made of gentle soap and rub it in on the leather until the stain lifts. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the suds and dry it with a clean cloth. To ensure that the leather does not dry out, rub some olive oil on the surface and buff it with a dry cloth.Cleaning suedeThe most important thing to remember when cleaning suede is to never use water on it. If you own suede objects, you should have a suede brush and a suede eraser. If not, an old tooth brush and a pencil eraser will also do. Use the brush to dust the suede regularly. If you have a spill, blot it up with paper towels until almost dry. Then use a suede eraser to rub it away. For more stubborn stains, use the suede brush.Once in a while, every half a decade, or when you get a stain too big for you to handle, you might want to use a professional cleaning service to deep clean and polish your furniture. They are likely to have expertise and products that will make your furniture look as good as new. However, when cleaning at home on a regular basis, it is best to use natural cleaners instead of chemical based ones as they might not only be harsh on your furniture but also be harmful for the environment and you.

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