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     This is the only spring cleaning services I would recommend in a heartbeat. Great services.
     Well impressed with Harrow-Cleaners. Quality of cleaners is proper good, and they do a lot of work for me which is really nice. Good team all round.
Garry Hobbs28/11/2018
     I have a two-year-old son and so it is important for me to have really clean carpets. I called in HarrowCleaners for the first time last year. The team came over and cleaned the carpets till every stain and all dust was eliminated. I am extremely pleased with the quality of service and will be hiring their services again.
John L.19/08/2015
     My son loves going out and playing rugby, but that means he comes home covered in dirt. My carpets suffer when this happens and it became a difficult chore to keep them clean. Wanting to restore things back, I called up Harrow-Cleaners. Their cleaners were experts who made sure no trace of dirt or mud remained, making my carpets look good again. I can't stop my son from getting muddy, but Harrow-Cleaners can keep my carpets clean.
S. Hamilton18/12/2014
     I had a great job done by a hard floor cleaning company recently. Harrow-Cleaners did a really thorough clean on my tiled flooring in my kitchen and bathroom. Over time though I had regularly cleaned them I felt they needed that extra special clean. The cleaners did a meticulous job and really made a notable difference to the appearance. The outcome was brilliant, and looked so clean and hygienic. I was very pleased with e service and the cost of the job too.
F. Jacobs24/11/2014
     Our home cleaners have always been very reliable and have done a very good job for a few years for us. We know that we will come home to a very clean and tidy house if Harrow-Cleaners have been over. The work ethic of this cleaning agency is as good as it gets and the cleaning they do really is of the highest standard. I would strongly recommend using these cleaners for your house cleaning - they come when they say they will, stay for the full time and bring everything they need to do the cleaning no matter what you need them to do.
V. Baley14/11/2014
     My hard floor cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis and so, because of their reputation and great prices, I go to Harrow-Cleaners. They have not let me down yet. Hard wood floors can be really hard to get truly clean without damaging them in any way yet these guys manage it and do it with style and a sense of humour to boot! It is a tremendous service and when I have friends round after a clean from them I often get comments regarding how shiny the floors are. I take this as a great compliment to both me and the team of professionals I hire to do such a great job!
Max T.09/10/2014
     As a student, the last thing on my mind is keeping my flat in check. I mean, I tried to multitask at one point, but it just wasn't happening. The whole thing was driving me nuts, to be honest with you! I called Harrow-Cleaners to get some help, and they really helped me get back on track! They didn't judge me based on my age or the state of my flat, they just cleaned up for me! It's nice to be treated properly when dealing with a service like this, I was expecting them to have a 'holier than thou' attitude, but that wasn't the case at all! Just terrific, thanks a lot!
Doreen G.29/08/2014
     The cheap hire rates of this company are excellent however, to be honest, when it comes to cleaning companies, the price isn't everything for me. Not that I'm rich or anything but I just want a really good standard of cleaning done and don't mind paying extra for that to happen. The great thing about Harrow-Cleaners is I didn't have to pay extra because the cleaning was superb in fact, I would go as far to say it's the best cleaning have had from any company I've used in recent times and I've used three different companies at least that I can remember before this one. I don't think you'll find another cleaning company as good as this one anywhere else.
Tiffany M.13/08/2014
     I love training. I have a number of triathlons coming up so training for me right now is very important. Because of this, I don't have any free time to look after my house. When I'm finished at work, it's straight to training I go and when I get back I'm usually too tired to even lift a finger. Harrow-Cleaners were recommended to me by my coach as he had the same problem as me a few years back. The cleaners are great! Well trained, well experienced and they do an amazing job every time.
     Taking the time to clean properly at home is a pain and it's so time consuming. Employing a professional cleaning agency was the best thing I ever did. For a very reasonable and affordable price, our home cleaning is done by excellent cleaners and it is completed to a very high standard. Harrow-Cleaners have made a major difference and with their help I am able to enjoy much more of my free time, which really is quite precious as I work more hours these days. I would most definitely recommend these cleaners as they do a very thorough job every time.
Julia W.30/06/2014
     I had been ill for a while and was getting fed up of trying to find enough energy to do the housework. My home was quite big and there was a lot to do. I called a company my mum had heard of and booked a cleaning appointment. Harrow-Cleaners were great to deal with from the first call the staff were helpful and suggested what service would suit me. I wanted a general clean every week for a while until I felt better. This wasn't a problem and the work I had done was wonderful. The house looks spotless now, thanks so much.
Deborah Roberts12/06/2014
     I was moving home and needed the carpets cleaning in the new place, so called a local cleaning company I had seen about. Harrow-Cleaners were helpful and offered a lot of advice on different cleaning deals they had on offer. I sorted a booking and looked forward to seeing the results. The carpets were quite dirty and had several stains scattered on them, so more than anything I wanted them cleaning for hygienic reasons before I moved in. The cleaning staff arrived on time and was friendly and professional throughout the whole cleaning process. The work done was amazing, the carpets looked so clean and bright, great job.
Paddie Dowell26/05/2014
     If anyone is looking for a cleaning company to come and clean their home I would highly recommend Harrow-Cleaners to anyone. I have been using this company for some time now and will continue to do so because they are great, I've tried others in the past however the experiences I've had with those have not been so great. So glad I found this company, they never let you down; always do a fantastic job and most importantly I trust these guys too which means I can trust them to clean my home even when I am not there, thanks guys!
Alex A.08/05/2014
     I am over the moon with the cleaning services from Harrow-Cleaners. I hired a carpet cleaner to tackle my stained and dirty carpets and I just couldn't believe my eyes when my cleaner had finished! The carpets looked as though they'd just been installed, and even my rugs had had a thorough going over. I was very pleased with the service because the staff were friendly, the prices were really affordable which I was pleasantly surprised with, and the whole process was really quick too. I'd recommend them to anyone, thanks for all of the help, I'll definitely be calling again!
     When it comes to finding the right cleaning services, the main thing to remember is that you need to call Harrow-Cleaners. Whether you're looking for the right price of the right services, I've not been able to find anyone who can match up to what they offer. I've had them out for spring cleans and stain removals, and every single time they've offered the same level of professional excellent, so much so that I'm always amazed by their price. If you're looking for the right help, they're certainly the company who you need to call as soon as possible.
Jimmy King19/03/2014
     There's a lot of local professional cleaners in the area who I thought about hiring, but only Harrow-Cleaners seemed to have the experience that I felt I needed for my house. I gave them a call and hired a cleaner for a one-time clean to see if they were as good as I hoped they were. I wasn't disappointed! My cleaner got to work right away and did a fantastic job. Even those really tricky places to clean were spotless by the time she was done, and I was very happy with the unobtrusive service! Now I hire them on a fortnightly basis and I'm yet to be disappointed!
Ian D.25/02/2014
     Harrow-Cleaners have changed my life. That sounds ridiculous, but I promise you it isn't. Since I made the decision to hire a cleaner, I have so much more free time. I don't fret about the dust on the picture rails, because there isn't any. I don't worry about hoovering the carpets because it has already been done. That leaves me free to indulge in hobbies and social activities. Honestly these guys are great. My cleaner is a sweetheart and the results are superb. I couldn't clean that well even if I had the time! Give these guys a call, I would thoroughly recommend their services.