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Tips For Cleaning Your Oven
28Mar 2014
Tips For Cleaning Your OvenWhen it comes to getting the cleanest kitchen, your oven can play a big part. While it might take a long time (and many might simply choose to call professional cleaning services) it is not a job like steam cleaning or upholstery cleaning where you simply cannot do it without the right tools. Instead, with a bit of care and a bit of elbow grease, it is possible to find and enjoy a clean oven at all times. When it comes to the big clean, however, many people find that they have not cleaned their oven in a long time and as such face difficulty when it comes to finding the best way to do it. Follow the below steps in order to make sure that your oven is as clean as possible. The first step should be to remove the racks from the inside of the oven. These are the shelves which food is placed on during the cooking process and they should be removable without much trouble. In those ovens which have not been cleaned for quite a while, you might find that there is a slight bit of sticking, but they should be able to come lose with a little effort. Once removed, simply place them in a sink filled with warm and soapy water to soak. The next step involves sourcing the right cleaning product. It is possible to simply buy cleaning product from a store and there are many designated oven cleaners which purport to do a fantastic job. However it is possible to make your own, and you can do this by taking a one litre spray bottle and placing inside a combination of 4 tablespoons worth of bicarbonate of soda and nearly a litre of water. Once combined, shake this bottle well and make sure that the powder has dissolved. Now simply spray this solution (or your cleaning product) around the inside of your oven. It can help to focus on those areas which might be particularly stained or charred, but it is important to cover as much of the surface area as possible. If you are having particular difficulty, it might be worth adding a little more baking soda to the mix. Allow the settled spray to sit for about an hour. Once you have returned, check to see whether the charred and stained areas are still hard or whether they have loosened at all. If it is still hard, then simply spray some more and let it settle. If it has become loose, then it is time to continue to the next step. You now need a scraping tool, something which you can use to remove the charred and stained pieces in a similar fashion to a scraper for removing ice from a car window. Again, it is possible to buy a dedicated tool but you can just as easily fashion one from whatever you might feel is suitable around the home. Remember to wear rubber gloves during this portion to protect yourself. Scraping and spraying more soda water, you should find that the debris is beginning to fall. Remove this as you go. Once complete, spray the interior once more and leave it to soak for an additional hour. Repeat until the debris has been removed. The next step requires a solution of half water and half vinegar in order to wipe down the now clean interior. If your oven is not free from charred substances it might be time to use a stronger, specialised product. Now simply clean the oven racks and replace them inside the oven and step back and admire your handy work..